is one of the many streaming services out there. Unfortunately, it is not natively integrated at, just yet. While we are considering an integration, at the moment you can easily add as a paid Custom RTMP channel in Restream.

Important: One of Restream paid subscriptions is needed to enable Custom RTMP in the account. Please check our recommendations guide on selecting the best paid plan for you here.

How to stream to

1. At first, of course, you need to have your channel up and running at Trovo, it does not require a verification process and you can start streaming right away. Click on your profile and head on to "Creator Studio"

2. Copy your Trovo RTMP link and stream key.

Tip: You can also set up your stream name, category, and other types of audience permissions at your Trovo "Creator Studio".

3. Click "Add channel" at and choose Custom RTMP from the list.

4. Enter your Trovo RTMP link and key from p.2 for your Custom RTMP channel and save changes.

5. Start a stream to Restream from the encoder of your choice or Restream Studio (stream from your browser).

All setup! It's this easy :) Your stream will be delivered across all the destinations you have selected in Restream account as well as your channel.

Have fun and enjoy streaming!

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