Amazon Live is Amazonโ€™s live streaming feature that allows Amazon sellers to stream video content as a promotional or sales tool.

โš™๏ธ Requirements

  • Streaming on Amazon Live is available for all Restream plans, including free.

  • Recommended Settings:
    - Video Resolution: 1280x720
    - AVC Level: 31
    - Keyframe Interval: 2 (keyframe intervals greater than 4 seconds are not supported)

๐Ÿง How to live stream on Amazon Live?

  1. Open your Amazon Live Creator app, sign in, press the + button and prepare a live stream by choosing a title, thumbnail and products to feature on-stream.

  2. Go to your stream Settings, and next to Video source, it should say either Phone camera or External camera. Whichever one is listed, tap it, and you will see another screen for Video source settings.

  3. Make sure the External camera is selected. Tap the button just below that says Get URL and the stream key. Amazon will send you an RTMP URL and stream key.

  4. Navigate to your Restream Dashboard, press the "Add Destination" button and click on the Amazon Live icon.

  5. Enter the RTMP URL and stream key provided by the Amazon Live Creator app in the appropriate fields. Then click Add Channel.

  6. Press Go live in Restream Studio or your streaming software (OBS, Ecamm, etc.).

  7. Go back to the Amazon Live Creator app, select your stream, press Preview, and then the Go Live button.

  8. Conduct your live stream!

  9. Click End Stream in the Creator app when you are ready to end your stream.

  10. End the stream in Restream Studio or your streaming software.

  11. Click the End Chat button in the Creator app when you are ready to end chat (you can leave it open after ending the live stream in case you have additional commenters to respond to).

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