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Connect Kick to Restream
Connect Kick to Restream
Follow the steps in this guide to connect Kick to Restream.
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Updated over a week ago is a new gaming and live-streaming platform. Here's how to connect your Kick account to Restream.

βš™οΈ Requirements

  • Resolution: Maximum of 1920 x 1080

  • Bitrate: 1,000kbps to 10,000kbps

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🧐 How to add Kick?

  1. Open Kick and go to your Creator Dashboard.

  2. On the left menu, click Settings and then Stream Key.

  3. Copy the Stream URL and Stream Key.

  4. In a separate tab, open Press Edit/Add Channel and click on the Kick icon.

  5. Select Kick from the list and paste the Stream URL and key provided by Kick, then click Add Channel.

🌟 Pro Tips

  • Set up your stream info in Kick before starting your stream on Restream. You can also edit your stream info at any point during your live stream.

  • Once you stop your stream from Restream, your stream on Kick will show an offline screen for two minutes while your VOD is processing.

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