Broadcast your Microsoft Teams meeting

Broadcast your Teams meeting to a larger audience using Restream.

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Streaming to Restream from Microsoft Teams enables you to broadcast your meeting to multiple platforms simultaneously and reach a larger audience!

Enable Live Streaming

A Teams Administrator will need to complete this prerequisite before someone can livestream. To accomplish this, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Microsoft Teams admin center.

  2. Click Meetings.

  3. Select a policy.

    • The Global (Org-wide) default policy allows everyone to broadcast and live stream, or you can select a policy for specific users.

  4. Scroll down to Audio & video.

  5. Toggle on Broadcast production with NDI and SDI hardware.

  6. Enable Live streaming to "On".

  7. Click Save.

Connect your Teams meeting to Restream

  1. Join the meeting you wish to live stream.

  2. Click Apps and add the Custom Streaming app to the meeting.

  3. Open Restream in a separate tab to gather your RTMP details.

    • To connect to a Restream Event, go to your Events page and click RTMP Settings.

    • For a stream without a Restream Event, open this page to obtain your URL and stream key.

  4. Go back to Teams and paste the copied RTMP details into the appropriate fields on the Custom Streaming sidebar.

  5. Click Start streaming and then Allow. That's it! Restream will automatically send your Teams meeting to all destinations selected in your Restream account.

  6. When you're ready to end the stream, click Stop streaming.

Helpful tips

  1. Teams meetings do not have permanent RTMP details. You'll need to add your RTMP details to each meeting before going live.

  2. If you’re experiencing issues with starting your stream on the Teams app, please try using the browser version instead.

  3. You can only broadcast Teams meetings, not live events. For information on streaming to a live event, please refer to this guide instead.

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