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Let's learn how to add Microsoft Teams as a destination and produce a Teams Live Event using Restream!

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Teams Live Events enable users to broadcast video content to a large online audience. Connecting Restream with Teams is quick and easy!

Setting up your Teams Live Event

  1. In your Teams Calendar, create a "Live Event" through the dropdown menu next to "New meeting". Then, set up your event details and click "Next".

  2. Select "Teams Encoder" and set up the rest of your settings based on your preferences. Click "Schedule" to finish setting up your event.

  3. Copy the RTMP link and RTMP key provided by Teams in the event window.

Connecting Teams to Restream

  1. On your Restream homepage add a Custom RTMP channel and paste the link and key you copied in the relevant fields.

  2. You can use this destination for an instant stream or even enable it under a Restream Event.

Going live to a Teams Live Event

  1. Once it's time to start your live event, make sure your Custom RTMP channel is toggled on and start streaming from Restream to send your live feed to Teams.

  2. Go to the meeting on Teams and click "Join". You'll see a "pre-live" status and a preview of the feed in the bottom section of your screen - click on it and it will appear in the queue on the top.

    Note: Don't worry, attendees won't see this preview until you start the live event.

  3. Once you're satisfied with your setup, click "Send live" and "Start".

  4. Once you're done, click "End Event" on Teams first, and then finish the stream on Restream.

Audience View and Comments

Below, you can see what the stream will look like for the attendees of your live event. If you have enabled Q&A, they will also be able to leave comments and questions in the chat!

Note: Q&A is optional but it can be turned on under your event's settings.

When you receive comments, you can keep them private to you or publish them for all attendees to see. You can also react and reply!

Helpful tips

  1. Teams Live Events do not have permanent RTMP details. You'll need to update your Custom RTMP channel with the new details for each event before going live.

  2. Teams Live Events can last up to 16 hours from their start time.

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