We always recommend our users test the stream before going live. This could help you identify some issues and prevent them before you actually start streaming for your audience. Some of the common issues may include:

  • The video quality is choppy or lagging.

    This mostly happens either due to a poor Internet connection or issues with your stream settings.

  • The audio is not working

    This is often caused by your audio devices or the audio settings of your stream.

  • Stream randomly stops in the middle.

    Usually, this happens due to the streaming platform policy restrictions.

  • Pre-recorded video quality.

    This issue typically occurs because of the video not being prepared correctly for live streaming. Check our guide on HandBrake, a free tool that helps you optimize any video for live streaming.

Tip: Live streaming requires a good-quality Internet connection. Please try to avoid using mobile networks for streaming, as this can have a direct impact on your video quality. Additionally, we would recommend setting your stream from a machine with a higher CPU processing power.

Option 1: Use Record-only Mode

You can record your audio or video without going live. On the Restream Recordings page, you can download the stream or watch it as a preview. This can help to identify some issues before the actual stream and make sure your audio and video sources work as expected.

Option 2: Send private streams to YouTube or Facebook

Ideally, you would like to test your stream exactly in the same conditions you are planning to stream it. However, it’s not always possible, and we recommend sending private streams to test everything ahead.

You can enable private streams in the settings of the end platforms. For instance:


This is a tricky one, but with a few clicks, you can set up your streams to be private. Just follow our HC article on how to manage the visibility of Facebook streams.


We suggest creating an unlisted stream. Please follow these instructions to set up an unlisted event with YouTube.

When creating an Event on YouTube directly, please select the "Unlisted" type.

Unlisted Event on YouTube

If you are scheduling an event via Restream Events, please press "Edit" right next to YouTube and choose "Unlisted" in the privacy settings.

Edit YouTube with Restream Events

If you notice any issues with the quality of your video, please check your Internet speed (upload and download). We recommend the speed of the Internet not being lower than 50 Mbps.

Happy streaming!

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