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How long can I stream for?
How long can I stream for?

Learn about about any limits around your stream's duration.

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On top of all its cool features, Restream also does not limit the duration of your streams.

Restream doesn't impose any streaming limits for live streaming.

However, there's a chance that the server you're using might undergo maintenance and be restarted if you stream continuously for over 24 hours. To prevent potential issues, we suggest restarting your stream every 24 hours.

💡 Need to stream for more than 24 hours?

Talk to our sales team about a custom pricing plan.

Keep in mind that different platforms have their own streaming duration limits. For example:

  • Facebook - 8 hours

  • LinkedIn - 4 hours

  • X - No duration limit

  • Twitch - 48 hours

  • YouTube - No duration limit, but will only archive streams less than 12 hours

Since these limits vary between platforms, it's best to check with each platform directly to ensure you comply with their specific guidelines.

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