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Why use streaming software with Restream
Why use streaming software with Restream

Explore the benefits of pairing a streaming encoder with Restream's powerful features.

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Pairing Restream with your favorite encoder is the ideal solution to combining your preferred setup with the power of streaming to multiple destinations at once.

The 10 Best Live Streaming Encoders

Pros of using encoders with Restream

  1. Multistreaming

    Although streaming encoders are extremely powerful tools, they usually allow you to go live on just one platform at a time. With Restream, you can easily broadcast your content to 30+ supported channels and use multiple ones at the same time.

    Restream handles the distribution of your stream to all platforms, so you don't need additional internet bandwidth.

  2. Chat

    Restream's cross-platform Chat solution simplifies managing audience comments from multiple channels.

    You can download a desktop Chat app or embed the chat within your streaming software. All incoming comments will be in one place for easy tracking and interactions with your audience.

  3. Analytics

    An added benefit to using Restream is that you get great insights and analytics about your stream. Even if your encoder does not gather data from your connected platforms, Restream can pull this information from our integrations.

    Analytics from your favorite channels include viewership data, chat, follower metrics, and more. These insights help you understand your audience and improve your streaming strategy.

💡 You can easily connect your encoder to Restream with your RTMP credentials

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