If you are considering canceling your subscription - there is an easy way to do it, you can use this link or go to your account  billing section, then click "Cancel subscription" on your subscribed service.

You will be sent to the canceling page. Simply check in one of the fields with the reasons you want to cancel (this will help us to improve), or you can write the reason by yourself and click on "Cancel my subscription" to finalize
you can simply contact live support if you are having troubles, or change your mind and keep your subscription active ;)

You will get a message there are no additional actions required and you successfully canceled the subscription and can go back to restream.

Notice: Your canceled subscription will last until the end of the paid period, but you will not be charged after. You can see the date till which function is still available, as well a button to renew the subscription.

You can also learn how to manage your subscriptions here.


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