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Pricing for premium features
Pricing for premium features

Choose the right subscription plan for your live streaming needs.

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Finding the right plan is key to using Restream to its' fullest potential.

The basics

Our pricing plans are based on the number of channels you will stream to, plus additional features that help level up your stream quality.

  1. Number of channels

    The number of channels you can livestream to depends on your subscription plan. You can connect as many channels as you like to your account, but only a certain number can be active when you go live.

  2. Additional features

    Higher subscription plans unlock more features, like streaming pre-recorded videos or adding teammates, and allow for more usage of these features.

How to choose a plan

Step 1

Think about the maximum number of channels you stream to at once.











You can stream to multiple channels within one platform, like 2 YouTube channels. Facebook Pages or Custom RTMP channels require a paid plan.

Step 2

Consider if you will upload and schedule pre-recorded videos. Each plan has different limits based on the duration/size of your videos and how many files you can store.






15 minutes

30 minutes

1 hour

2 hours


250 MB

500 MB

2 GB

5 GB


3 files

5 files

10 files

25 files


The duration and size limits apply per file. The number of files is how many videos you can store in our cloud storage at once and queue for streaming

Step 3

Check out our special features and compare your options.

Our paid plans offer things like Full HD streaming, live recording, using our website player, parallel streams, and more.

Let us help

Finding the right plan can be tricky, but we're here to make it easy! Our Support team is available 24/7 to help you review your options, understand your goals, and confirm the right subscription for your needs.

💡 Need to compile a custom package or exceed regular plan limits?

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