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SlingStudio - How to connect with Restream
SlingStudio - How to connect with Restream

How to stream with SlingStudio. Follow the steps in this guide to connect SlingStudio to Restream.

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SlingStudio is a portable wireless multi-camera broadcasting platform that you can easily use with and get the most from your multi-streaming experience.

How to stream with SlingStudio using Restream

1. Open your SlingStudio application and create a project or choose from existing ones.

2. Choose "Set destination" from "Broadcasting only" tab. And choose "Custom RTMP".

3. Pick "Add a new Custom RTMP". 

4. Name your connection in the "Title" field. Enter your Restream RTMP link in the Server URL field and your Restream stream key in the "Stream key" fields from your Restream main dashboard and press "Set destination".

5. You may be asked to optimize Your SD Card in some cases, simply approve that.

6. Now you are all set to go. Simply click on "LIVE" in the top right corner of your SlingStudio and Go Live. 

7. See your stream delivered to Restream and all the connected destinations. 

Tip: You can check your live stream by simply clicking on one of your channels on Restreams dashboard.

So from now, you can enjoy your multi-streaming experience without the need to sacrifice any of the SlingStudio capabilities.

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