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Learn how to invite guests to your stream via Restream Studio.

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Using Restream Studio, you can invite guests to your stream and conduct professional interviews or podcasts. All that's required for them to join is sending a single invitation link.

On the free plan, you can invite up to 5 guests. If you're on a paid plan, you can invite up to 9 guests.

How to invite guests to your stream

  1. Navigate to Restream Studio and click on the Invite Guests button.

    💡 You can invite guests before you start the stream or even during the stream.

  2. Copy the link and share it with your guests.

    💡 The invite link includes, by default, the option for your guests to add their channels to your stream using Restream Pairs. You can turn on or off the Pairs toggle before copying your link.

  3. Guests can join your stream by simply following the link, and you can add them to your stream when you're ready.

    Invite guests to Restream Studio

Helpful tips

  • The invitation link is static and will not change unless you manually choose to refresh it. That way, you can share your link even days or weeks in advance, or change it when you want to limit people's access to your room.

    Studio Guest Link
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