With Restream Events, you can schedule a live stream in advance and share the link with your audience!

Restream Events enable you to set a thumbnail for the event and customize the title and description for your streams.

🌟 Pro tip: Currently, only LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube support the scheduling of the events by creating event notifications in advance. For other platforms, the stream will still connect at the scheduled time once you go live πŸš€

Guide to setting up Restream Events:

  1. Go to your homepage and add all channels you would like to stream to.

  2. Proceed to click on "Schedule Event."

    Schedule Event on Restream
  3. Choose the way you would like to stream: via Restream Studio or Encoder.

    Note: You will be able to switch between Studio and Encoder later if you change your mind!

    Choose how you want to stream

    πŸ‘€ Tip: Did you know you can also schedule pre-recorded streams with Restream Events?

  4. Fill in the following details and then press "Next":

    • Title and/or Description of your stream,

    • Date and time you plan to go live,

    • Check the announcement post box if you want the event to create a notification in advance,

    • Thumbnail option; you can upload a custom image to use it as a preview before you go live. Recommended size: 1280 x 720.

      Important Note: Checking the announcement post option will pre-create an event notification on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  5. Toggle on all the platforms you would like to stream to and press "Create Event".

    Activate Event Channels

  6. You will be offered to invite Guests to your stream and allow your guests to stream this event on their channels. Copy the link to share it with your guests and press "Done". You can access this link later as well.

    Invite Guests to your Event

    Your event is now created πŸŽ‰

Restream Events additional information

Once your Event has been created, can switch between Studio and Encoder streaming using this dropdown menu.

Switch Event Format

Important: We create a unique streaming key and Studio link for each of your Scheduled Events. This means that you would need to:

  • Start streaming from Restream Studio using the "Enter Studio" option under the Restream Event or,

  • Copy the unique stream key for your software if you are going live from OBS or another encoder by clicking on "RTMP Settings" under the event.

Restream Event RTMP Settings

If your event was interrupted (you lost internet connection, for example), you will have 2 minutes to reconnect. If you press the Finish button in Studio, it won’t allow you to come back to that Event, and it will be impossible to stream to that event again.

Get a sharable link to the Event

You can get sharable links to your events on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

  1. Click the channel icons under the created event.

    Restream Event Channels
  2. Press the "View Event" button. You will be forwarded to the event URL. You can then copy it and share it with your followers.

    View Event Option

    Important note: There will be no "View Event" option if you didn't check the "Make an announcement post" box while creating your event. If you forgot, you can delete the existing event and create it from scratch to activate that function! Note that this feature only applies to LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

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