We are excited to introduce a brand new feature - Restream Events!

With Restream Events you can now schedule a live stream in advance and share the link with your audience! Restream Events enable you to set a thumbnail for the event and customize the title and description for your streams.

Tip: in order to get the most of this feature we recommend upgrading to Restream Professional plan. This would allow you to set your branding in the stream, use overlays, Full HD, and other cool features!

Note: Currently only Facebook and YouTube (coming soon LinkedIn) support scheduling of the events. Events are not created for other platforms.

Guide to setting up Restream Events:

1. Open your Restream account and add all channels you would like to stream to. Please follow this detailed guide on adding the most common channels.

2. Head over to Restream Events section and choose "Create Event"

3. Please fill in the following details and then press "Next":

  • Title
  • Description
  • Date and time (The upcoming event must be no sooner than 1 hour and up to 7 days from now)
  • Thumbnail or cover (Upload a custom image to use it as a preview before you go live. Recommended size: 1280 x 720)

4. Choose all the platforms you would like to stream to:

Tip: We recommend testing your stream before going live. You can do this by creating an "unlisted" event on your YouTube channel. This event would be visible only to people who have this link.

5. After pressing "Save" the event is now created!

Restream Events additional features:

Get a sharable link to the Event:

You can get the sharable link to the event for Facebook, YouTube, and soon LinkedIn by clicking their icon at the created event.

Press 3 dots beside the event to:

To go live:

To start streaming either press Enter Live Studio and start streaming from your browser or press RTMP Settings to stream using streaming software.

Important: We create a unique streaming key and Studio link for each of your Scheduled Events. This means that you would need to start streaming from Restream Studio using the link on Restream Event page or unique streaming key if you are going live from OBS.

Happy streaming!

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