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Host private events with unlisted YouTube streams
Host private events with unlisted YouTube streams

Learn how you can create events with exclusive access on YouTube.

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Whether selling tickets to a live event or hosting an exclusive password-protected webinar, unlisted YouTube events allow you to offer unique content to a select audience.

How to schedule your event

  1. Connect your YouTube account to Restream, as shown here.

  2. From your home screen, click Schedule Event.

  3. Choose how you want to stream: via our Studio, Encoder, Video File, or Playlist.

  4. Fill in your Event details like your title, description, date, and time.

  5. Check the box next to "Create an event page on social platforms." This will create a hidden shareable link to your YouTube event ahead of time.

  6. Toggle on the YouTube channel and click Edit next to it.

  7. Click the Privacy menu and select Unlisted.

  8. Click Save, then Create Event.

  9. Click the channel icons under the event card, right-click "View on..." by your YouTube channel, and copy the link.

How to go live to your event

Restream Studio

  1. Locate your event on your home screen or the Events page and select Enter Studio under the event card.

  2. When you're ready to begin, click Go Live.

  3. Only those who have your unlisted event link can now see your stream.


  1. Locate the event on your home screen or Events page and click RTMP Settings.

  2. Copy the URL and stream key and paste them into your streaming software.

  3. Start streaming from your software.

Video Files and Playlists

You don't need to do anything; your event will automatically air at the scheduled time.


  • Restream Events are available for all plans, including the free tier.

  • Free users will have Restream branding on their event's thumbnail.

  • You can only go live to an event once, so don't click Go Live before the scheduled time. If you want to run tests, you can follow this guide.

  • The announcement post box can only be checked during event creation. If you forgot to check it, you can delete the current event and create a new one.

  • Each event is unique; enter Studio through the event card or update the event's specific stream key in your encoder. Otherwise, you'll create a new stream.


What does "unlisted" mean for my event?

Setting your stream to "Unlisted" ensures it won't appear in search results or on your channel. Only individuals with the direct link can access it, which you can share with anyone, including those without a YouTube account.

How can I share a link to my event?

Click the channel icons under the created event, right-click "View on..." next to your YouTube channel, and copy the URL.

Does YouTube have any limits for titles, descriptions, or thumbnails?

The maximum title length is 100 characters, and the maximum description length is 5000 characters.

The recommended size for thumbnails is 1280x720.

Can I edit or rename my event after it has been created?

Yes. Click the pencil icon on your event card and click Edit next to your YouTube channel to update it.

Can I reschedule my YouTube event through Restream?

Yes, just click the pencil icon on your event card, update the date/time, and Save.

Does deleting the event on Restream delete the post on YouTube, too?

Deleting upcoming events on Restream will also delete posts about the upcoming event on YouTube.

Deleting finished events on Restream will not affect the streams and saved videos sent to YouTube.

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