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Track your stream's performance with analytics
Track your stream's performance with analytics

Measure the success of your lives with data from all your streaming platforms.

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Analytics help you get insights on your live stream performance across multiple destinations.

How to access Analytics

  1. Go to your Restream home screen.

  2. Click the three dots on the left menu, then choose Analytics.

    • Under Stream Sessions, you can choose Last session or All sessions to locate a specific stream's data summary.

    • Under the Stream Metrics, Chat or Audience sections, you can adjust the time range to view the specific data you're interested in.

What data does Analytics collect?

  • Stream Metrics

    • Streams – total number of broadcasts.

    • Average duration – average length of your broadcasts.

    • Streamed time – combined duration of your streams.

  • Chat Metrics

    • Messages – total messages sent and received during your streams.

    • Chatters – total unique users who sent at least one message.

  • Audience Metrics

    • Average viewers – mean concurrent viewers.

    • Max viewers – the peak viewership reached during your stream.

    • Watched minutes – the overall viewership of your streaming session,
      which is determined by multiplying the average viewership by the session duration or streamed time.

    • Views – the total views during a streaming session, based on the platform's definition. If a platform doesn't track views, the maximum viewership is considered. Refer to your platform's documentation for specific information.

    • Peak Time – the time of your stream when the audience peaked.

  • Followers Metrics

    • Followers – the number of your streaming channel’s followers.

    • New followers – the number of followers gained (or lost) during your streaming session.

    • Growth rate – the number of new followers you've been getting per hour during your streaming session.


  • Not every streaming platform allows us to get full data. Below is a list of platforms supported by Restream Analytics, along with the metrics that can be gathered.

  • In order to gather chat analytics, it is required to have Restream Chat open during your broadcasts.

  • If you want to receive an analytics report of every stream in your email, activate "instant streaming report" under your account's email notifications.


Do analytics work for Custom RTMP channels?

No. Analytics is an API-dependent features so data cannot be collected from channels added via RTMP.

Why didn't I receive a stream report in my email?

Please be aware that stream reports are sent only for streams that last for a minimum of 10 minutes. If your stream was less than 10 minutes, you will not receive a report.

Why do my analytics differ between Restream and the platform itself?

Some data might have slight variations compared to what you observe on Twitch, YouTube, or other platforms. We fetch data from these platforms every few seconds, so specific timestamps or resolutions could show slight differences when we calculate aggregated metrics.

Is it possible to export Restream Analytics data as a CSV or PDF?

This is not possible at this time but don't hesitate to share any feature requests you may have with our team.

Can I get analytics for my website player?

The website player is not one of the features that support Analytics at this time. You can, however, enable a viewer counter to display while the player is live.

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