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Pull a Zoom call in Studio 2.0
Pull a Zoom call in Studio 2.0

Display the feed of your Zoom meeting and customize it with RTMP Source.

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Combine the setup of your Zoom call with the powers of Restream Studio.

How to pull your Zoom call in Studio

  1. First, follow the steps here to enable live streaming and set up your meeting.

  2. Once you've scheduled your meeting, click the Live Streaming tab.

  3. Click Configure Custom Streaming Service.

  4. Go to Restream Studio and click Add Scene.

  5. Select Media.

  6. Click + Other and select RTMP Source.

  7. Copy your RTMP URL and stream key.

  8. Go back to Zoom and paste the URL and key in the relevant fields.

  9. For Live streaming page URL, link a platform you'll stream on, like YouTube.

    This is a Zoom requirement; no matter what link you add here, Restream will still send the stream to all of your connected channels.

  10. Leave "Custom streaming service requires authentication to broadcast" unchecked.

  11. ​Click Save to confirm and apply your live streaming settings.

  12. Once you start the meeting or webinar, click More.

  13. Select Live on Custom Live Streaming Service.

  14. The Zoom call will appear in the Scene in Studio.


  • This feature is available on specific paid plans. You can read more here.

  • You can only have one RTMP Source at a time in Studio.


Will my URL and stream key change or stay the same?

These details are static and will not change unless you choose to manually refresh your key. Note that if you're in the Studio for a Restream Event, your stream key will be unique to that session and cannot be refreshed.

💡 Zoom can also be connected to Restream as a streaming encoder, even if you don't want to use our Studio.

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