Pull a Zoom call into Studio

Add your company logo, overlays, pre-rolls, and more to your Zoom call with Restream Studio

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Who is this feature for?

Everyone who is creating a Zoom call/meeting/webinar and would like to use the advantage of Restream Studio functionalities, such as overlays, unique company logo, pre-rolls, video files, etc.

Want to know more about how you can use this feature? Check out our blog article here.

This feature is available for our company plans only: Premium, Business, or Enterprise packages. Currently, you can add only 1 RTMP Source into the studio with our company plans. Remember, greater customization is possible with our Enterprise plans. Please contact us to learn more about them.

Step by step guide to set it up

1. If you haven't yet streamed the Zoom meeting/webinar through Restream, please follow the guide here to set it up.

2. Once you have enabled Zoom for Custom Live Streaming and created a meeting in Zoom, you would need to connect Zoom with Restream.

3. In the Zoom account choose "configure live stream settings".

Zoom zonfigure live stream settings

4. Open Restream Studio to get your Stream key and RTMP URL.

Important: The RTMP URL and stream key of your Restream Studio are static and will not change unless you choose to manually refresh your key. A unique key that cannot be refreshed is generated only if you're entering the Studio under a specific Restream Event.

RTMP Source in Restream Studio

5. Insert RTMP URL and streaming key in the Zoom.

How to insert RTMP URL and streaming key in the Zoom

6. Start stream in Zoom. Once you start the stream, select "Live on Custom Live Streaming Service". Zoom will connect you to Restream.

How to start live stream in Zoom

7. You would need to toggle on Zoom stream in Restream Studio to make it appear in the stream as shown on the screenshot below.

RTMP Source Toggle On

Tip: If you don't want to go live to any destination, but instead just to have a call with your client for a product demo, for example, you can use Record-only mode.

Press "Go Live" in Restream to start the broadcast. Now you have control over the video feed from Zoom.

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