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How to Add Your Channels as a Guest with Restream Pairs
How to Add Your Channels as a Guest with Restream Pairs

Learn how to easily connect your channels to another streamer’s event using Restream Pairs.

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Restream Pairs allows you to add your channels to a partner’s event, so their live stream will go to both their channels and yours, making collaborative launches and campaigns easier than ever.

Note: To be able to use the Pairs feature, the host needs at least a Standard plan. But it's totally free for Guests to pair up to 3 channels (including paid ones) even on their free plan. 🎉

How do I add my channels to another streamer's event?

1. The event Host will send you an invitation link. Open this link in your browser.

2. If you don't have a Restream account, you will be asked to enter an email, but no payment is needed.

Users who already have an account will be able to log into the Restream account.

Restream Pairs

3. Once you’re logged in, choose which channels you would like to connect to the event.

Restream Pairs

Note: You need to add channels before the event starts. Adding channels won’t be possible once the event goes live.

Your channels are added now!

Restream Pairs

What if I’m not available to join the event live?

As long as your channels are connected to the event, you don’t actually have to join or participate in the event. The event host will live stream directly to your channels without requiring that you actively participate in the broadcast at all.

How do I remove my channels from another streamer's event?

Changed your mind about pairing? No problem! Press the “Add Channels” button then delete your channels from the event. You will do this by simply toggling off the channel to appear grey. When the event goes live, the stream will only be broadcasted to the event host’s social channels

Note: You can easily identify the channels added to the Event directly underneath the "Your Channels" section. Hosts channels will be easily identifiable and appear as normal, while Paired Channels will appear to have a link to indicate that they are paired.

I see a message asking me to come back in a few days

Guests cannot pair with events any earlier than 7 days in advance. If you received a link from the host before that time window, you'll see this message, prompting you to revisit the event 7 days before its scheduled time to be able to pair!

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