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How to do an audio-only stream
How to do an audio-only stream

Stream or record without being on camera with Studio.

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Having someone on camera doesn't have to be the only way. Restream Studio provides multiple ways to set up audio-only streams, like podcasts or radio shows.

Studio preview with microphone on and camera off.

How to set up Studio for audio-only productions

  1. Go to Restream Studio and turn off your camera.

  2. Click the gear ⚙️ icon under your preview window.

    '1' above the disabled Camera button and '2' above the Settings button.

  3. Go to the Audio menu and set up your microphone or mixer in Audio Input.

    This will be the main source for your audio.

  4. You can click "Show advanced options" if you want to adjust more audio settings.

  5. Click Music on the right-side menu and pick a genre of royalty-free music.

    These tracks set the mood and play in the background of your own voice and audio.

How to customize the look of your feed

  1. Keep the video feed blank or customize it with a graphic.

    1. Try one of Studio's default backgrounds, or upload your own.

    2. Upload and use your show's logo to brand your stream.

    3. You can also upload a 16:9 ratio picture under the Overlays menu to display on top of the entire feed. This could be something like your podcast's cover.

    4. Add interactive elements, like QR Codes; your viewers will scan the code and get redirected to any website you want.

  2. Choose whether you want to display any participant icons on-screen:

    1. Click the gear ⚙️ icon under your preview window and enable or disable "Show non-video participants".

    2. If you disable non-video participants, any host or guest without their camera on will be completely hidden from the feed, but their audio will still be heard.

    3. If you enable non-video participants, we can display a custom profile picture or their name's initials, with a pulse around it whenever they speak.

      Studio preview displaying the avatars of two participants.


  • Studio can use any microphone/mixer that your browser is able to detect.

  • For external equipment, you may need additional software or drivers. Consult with your manufacturer.

  • You can only set up a single audio input per participant.

  • Background music is free but some genres are only available with a paid plan.


Can I export just the audio of the recording for my podcast?

Of course. A video preview is always there by default in Studio and for your channels to display a stream. However, you can get an audio-only download of your recording on any paid plan.

With a Professional plan or higher, you can also access split audio tracks. You can read more about recordings here.

Can my audio-only guests also customize their profile picture?

Yes, each participant can change their avatar. They just need to click the three dots next to their name and select Change avatar.

Can I record without streaming live?

Yes, our Record Only feature allows you to capture audio/video content without streaming live. This is available on all paid plans.

Can I upload my own music?

Currently, uploading your own background music is not possible.

However, you can screenshare a browser tab playing music from platforms such as Spotify or YouTube or upload a video with your music attached to it. If you're using a mixer as your audio input in Studio, you can also add your music to the mixer.

Be careful with using music you don't own, as the platforms you deliver the streams to may flag you for copyright if you don't comply with their community guidelines.

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