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Dive into the changes coming with the new LinkedIn API. Learn how to get new features and continue streaming scheduled events.
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LinkedIn changed their API because they will be adding more cool features and the best part is that Restream will be 100% compatible with them 🀩

In this article, we will show 2 ways of creating an event on LinkedIn and streaming to it:

Create an event on LinkedIn and connect it to Restream

  1. Create a scheduled event from your LinkedIn account.
    πŸ’‘ Please make sure to create a LinkedIn event setup as LinkedIn live for the API to recognize it.

  2. Head over to your Restream Dashboard and press Edit destination.

    Restream Dashboard Edit Destination
  3. Press Edit besides LinkedIn channel.

    Restream Edit LinkedIn channel
  4. In the dropdown menu choose your LinkedIn event and click on Save.

LinkedIn Event Dropdown Restream

You are now ready to stream to your LinkedIn event πŸš€

πŸ‘€ Important note: It is recommended not to make any additional edits to a LinkedIn event after it has been created. If you need to update any details (e.g. the starting time), it is preferable to delete and re-create the event entirely.

Once you save your LinkedIn channel with the event selected, all you need to do is enter Restream Studio to go live or start the stream on your streaming software with the LinkedIn channel toggled on.

Restream Dashboard

Note: You can only start the event 15 minutes before or 2 hours after its scheduled time. Attempting to start your event any later than 2 hours will mark it on LinkedIn as cancelled.

Pro tip: If you want to delete an event you created, please read more from LinkedIn here.

Create an event on LinkedIn via Restream Events

Restream Events allows you to schedule LinkedIn streams in advance.

Note: This feature is an alternative to scheduling your events on LinkedIn directly. If you already have a LinkedIn event scheduled, you don't need to create it via Restream Events; that would create a duplicate event. Simply follow the previous highlighted steps.

That's it for the latest changes to LinkedIn Live. Don't forget, that if you have any questions our support agents are here to help 24/7.

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