Stream to LinkedIn Events

Learn how to connect an existing LinkedIn Event to Restream, or create a new one with a Restream Event.

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LinkedIn Events are a great way to stream live content to attendees - such as online workshops, seminars, company updates, product launches, and more. LinkedIn members can find and join your stream to network with others and learn new skills.

You can either create an Event on LinkedIn and connect it to Restream or you can schedule a LinkedIn Event via Restream Events.

Create an event on LinkedIn and connect it to Restream

  1. Create a scheduled event from your LinkedIn account. Make sure to set up the event as a "LinkedIn Live" for the API to recognize it.

  2. Head to your Restream Dashboard and click Edit Destinations.

  3. Click Edit next to your LinkedIn channel.

  4. In the Event menu, choose your LinkedIn event and click Save.

    You are now ready to stream to your LinkedIn event! All you need to do is either enter Restream Studio and go live, or start the stream from your connected streaming software.

Create an event on LinkedIn via Restream Events

Restream Events allow you to schedule LinkedIn streams in advance and seamlessly connect to them.

This feature is an alternative to scheduling your events on LinkedIn directly. If you already have a LinkedIn event scheduled, you don't need to create it via Restream Events; that would create a duplicate event. Simply follow the previously highlighted steps.

Helpful tips

  • You can only start the event 15 minutes before or 2 hours after its scheduled time. Attempting to start your event any later than 2 hours will mark it on LinkedIn as cancelled.

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