Add Guest Channels to Your Stream

Team up with your guests to discover new audiences and multiply your views. Learn how to use Restream Pairs in Studio.

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Instant Pairs lets you live stream to your guests' channels and can help you reach new audiences, attract more viewers, and bring valuable content to your community.


  • To use the Pairs feature, the host needs at least the Standard plan.

  • It's free for Guests to pair up to 3 channels (including paid ones).

How to use Instant Pairs?

  1. Open Restream Studio and click the Invite Guests button.

  2. Copy the Instant Pairs link and send it to your guest. Make sure your Pairs toggle is blue (ON).

    Instant Pairs invite in Studio

  3. Ask your guest to open the Instant Pairs link and click the Add channels button.

    If your guests don't have a Restream account, they will be asked to enter an email, but no payment is needed.

    Instant Pairs Restream

  4. Once your guest is ready, add them to the stream on the left side of Restream Studio.

    Add guest to stream

    Guests need to enter the stream to connect channels, but if guests don’t want to participate, they can leave as soon as they are added. The host will continue streaming directly to guests' channels.

Additional Information

  • Guests can add channels anytime before or during the stream while live.

  • Chats from your guests’ channels will be marked as “Paired”.

How Can Guests Add Channels to my Stream
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