What is Pairs?

Pairs let you live stream to your guests' channels and get more views and are now available for Instant streams in Restream Studio 🌟

Hosts don’t need to create events to stream to guests' channels, and guests can add channels in preview before the stream starts AND even mid-stream!

Instant Pairs is a great feature for guests coming in for just a part of the stream and connecting channels on the fly 🤩

Restream internal tracking shows creators who use pair can get up to 200% more views thanks to the followers of their guests 🚀

Instant Pairs Restream Studio

Note: To use the Pairs feature, the host needs at least a standard plan. But it's totally free for Guests to pair up to 3 channels (including paid ones) even on their free plan. 🎉

How to use Instant Pairs?

Instant Pairs Restream

1. Open Restream Studio and click the Invite Guests button.

2. Copy the Instant Pairs link and send it to your guest. Make sure your Pairs toggle is blue (ON).
Note: Each stream will have a unique Instant Pairs link.

instant pairs

3. Once your guest is ready, add them to the stream on the left side of Restream Studio.
Note: Guests need to enter the stream to connect channels, but if guests don’t want to participate, they can leave as soon as they are added. The host will continue streaming directly to guests channels.

Instant Pairs

4. Chats from your guests’ channels will come though marked as “paired”.

Instant Pairs Restream Studio

5. As a host, you can turn on/off your channels and paired channels by clicking here:

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