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Descript Integration with Restream
Descript Integration with Restream
Written by Paul Nguyen
Updated over a week ago

Descript is software that offers podcasting, transcription, screen recording and video editing tools. Its integration with Restream allows you to import files from Descript to Restream and vice versa.

In this article, we will cover:

⚙️ Requirements

🧐 How does the Restream-Descript integration work?

  1. Navigate to your Restream Recordings and select “Edit in Descript” under a specific file.

    Descript Integration with Restream

  2. Follow the prompts to export the file from Restream and import it as a project on Descript. The prompts will redirect you to open the Descript app on your desktop.

    Export Restream recording to Descript

    💡 The Descript app can be downloaded from the same window if it hasn’t already been installed.

  3. The file will open with all the editing tools in the Descript app.

    Descript Integration with Restream

  4. Once the video has been edited, click the Share button. Then select the Export tab, and under the Cloud Export section, click the More button and select Restream from the list.

  5. Configure your page settings and click Publish.

    Export Descript video to Restream

  6. You will now be prompted to upload your video. The URL for your published content will be automatically filled out. Simply click Upload Video.

    That’s it! The edited video is now imported under uploads.

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