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What is Upload & Stream?
What is Upload & Stream?

Learn how Restream helps you schedule recorded videos to go live.

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Upload & Stream lets you turn recorded videos into live streams and create an interactive live show with real-time chat without actually being live.

What does Upload & Stream do?

Upload & Stream allows you to upload videos to your Restream video storage and use them to create pre-recorded events. You can schedule these videos for any time, and they will appear as a live stream in your followers' feeds.

You can stream a single video or a playlist of multiple files. Try our looping option to set your scheduled video on replay up to 10 times.

This feature is perfect for:

  • Avoiding tech glitches even when you're streaming with slow internet.

  • Ensuring mistake-free webinars or high-stakes events.

  • Streaming when you are away from your computer.

  • Planning and scheduling live content way in advance.

  • Focusing on live chat without multitasking or worrying about your presentation.

How you can upload your videos

Uploading your videos to your Video Storage can be done in multiple ways.

You can either upload files directly from your desktop/mobile device or import videos via Descript, Google Drive, Dropbox, and your YouTube channel.

How you can use your Restream recordings

You can also rebroadcast a recording of a previous stream or schedule a video file that you recorded with Restream. Just select a video from your Recordings Storage.

💡 Schedule your pre-recorded event now and enjoy a glitch-free live stream.

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