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Schedule Facebook Live Events with Restream Events
Schedule Facebook Live Events with Restream Events

Learn how Facebook Live Online Events work. Schedule live event on Facebook via Restream events.

Updated over a week ago

Restream now supports online events introduced by Facebook. That means when you schedule an event in Restream, it automatically creates a Facebook Online Event.

What to know:

🌟 The new event will be created on the Facebook Events Page.

🌟 Event announcements are not automatically posted to your Facebook profile timeline. To share the event on your timeline, click the three dots under your event, copy the link, and post it on your Facebook profile.

How to schedule a live event on Facebook

  1. Navigate to your Restream Dashboard and click on the Schedule Event button.

  2. Choose the way you want to stream: via Restream Studio, Encoder or Video File.

  3. Fill in the following details and then press "Next":

    • Stream Title (Maximum length: 140 symbols)

    • Description of your stream (Maximum length: 9950 symbols),

    • Date and time you plan to go live,

    • "Create an event page on social platforms" checkbox needs to be active to create a Facebook event,

    • Thumbnail option; you can upload a custom image to use it as a preview before you go live. (Recommended size: 1280 x 720).

  4. Toggle on Facebook (and all the platforms you would like to stream to) and press the Create Event button.

  5. You will be offered to invite Guests to your stream and allow your guests to stream this event on their channels. Copy the link to share it with your guests and press Done. You can access this link later as well.

    Create Facebook Events with Restream

  6. The event is now created 🚀 To view it, click the Facebook icon under the created event. Press the View Event button.

  7. Here is what your Live Online Event will look like on Facebook.

    Restream Events on Facebook

    ☝️Current issue with private Facebook groups

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