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Loop the video of your pre-recorded stream
Loop the video of your pre-recorded stream

Enable video looping for your pre-recorded videos.

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Use our video looping feature to stream your best show on replay.

How to enable video looping

  1. When scheduling a recorded video, choose how many times your file should loop.

  2. Once the event is created, the loop quantity and total video duration indicator will be displayed on the event card.

  3. When your video airs, all loops will be streamed as a single event.


  • Video looping unlocks with a Professional plan or higher.

  • Video looping works for both stream recordings and uploaded videos.

  • You can loop your video up to 10 times.

  • You can stream a maximum of a 40-hour stream with looping.


What is looping useful for?

Some great use cases for looping are:

  • Looping your demo/product launch video for those who could not join live.

  • Having 3-4 short videos always running - to satisfy viewers quickly passing by.

  • Streaming for 24 hours (great for online Radio Stations / DJs).

Can I change the loop count after the event has been created?

Yes. Click the pencil icon on your event card, then adjust the loop count at the bottom.

Can I loop my playlist event?

Currently, our playlists don't support looping. However, you can duplicate up to 20 videos in one playlist.

For example, if you want to schedule videos 1, 2, and 3 on replay, you can add them as 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3... until you reach the playlist's limit of 20.

💡 You can also create a series of videos and schedule an entire Playlist

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