Stream your live series by combining multiple videos into a single broadcast.

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Stitch your videos into an engaging live series for your viewers.

You can add graphics, captions, QR codes, and live comments in real time.

Scheduled playlists stream automatically, even if your laptop is unplugged.

Watch a full tutorial to learn how to build playlists and why they are awesome.


  • Playlists are available for all Restream users, but the maximum video size and storage amount varies per Restream plan.

  • Max playlist duration: 24 hours

  • Max amount of added videos: 20

How to create a Playlist:

  1. Click Stream a Playlist on your Restream dashboard.

  2. Select from your existing videos, or click Upload Video to add new ones.

  3. Click Add to Playlist.

  4. Arrange your videos in the order you prefer.

Add a Countdown to your Playlist:

Enhance the appeal and professionalism of your Playlist with a Countdown!

Build anticipation and excitement for your audience by displaying how many seconds or minutes until the stream starts.

  1. Click Add Video.

  2. Click Countdown.

  3. Open the Timer menu and choose your countdown's duration.

  4. Open the Music menu to choose the song you want to play.

  5. Choose your preferred background.

  6. If you want the Countdown to play at the start of your stream, make sure to drag and drop it to the top of your Playlist.

Customize your Playlist:

  • Enhance your Playlists by adding Graphics, Captions, and/or QR Codes to each video. You can add them in advance or as your playlist is streaming.

  • Stream vertical videos using portrait mode - perfect for mobile-first platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Schedule your Playlist:

  • When you're done creating and customizing your Playlist, you can click Preview to see what the stream will look like, or Schedule Stream to set up when the Playlist will go live.

Helpful tips:

  • Want to add stream recordings to your Playlist? When creating a Playlist, click the Recordings tab, hover over the desired Recording, and click "Move to Uploads". Your Recording will automatically export to your Uploads folder!

    • If your recording exceeds the upload limit for your Restream plan, you'll be asked to trim the video before adding it to your Playlist.

  • If you started creating a Playlist but didn't finish, a Draft will automatically be saved to your Events list for you to edit or delete.

  • Once your Playlist starts streaming, you can click View Stream from your dashboard and change graphics or display live comments on the fly.

  • If you need your Playlist to stop streaming, you can:

    • Click the three dots next to the Playlist on your dashboard and click Stop event.

    • Click View Stream from your dashboard to open the Playlist, then click End Stream in the top right corner.

  • You can build Playlists on your mobile device! Your Team can also log in, upload videos, and create series on the go.

Playlists are perfect for:

  • Product launches

  • Demos and workshops

  • Live sales

  • Online music and television

  • Charity and fundraising

  • Interactive performances

  • Live evangelism and more!

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