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Video Looping for Pre-recorded Videos
Video Looping for Pre-recorded Videos

Learn how to enable video looping for your pre-recorded videos.

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Now you can always be live on your channels and set your streams on replay with looping! With the video looping feature, you can:

  • Stream the best show on replay.

  • Loop your demo/product launch video for those who could not join live.

  • Have 3-4 short videos always running - to satisfy viewers quickly passing by.

  • Stream for 24 hours (great for online Radio Stations / DJs).

Requirements and feature specifications

  • Video Looping unlocks with a Professional plan or higher.

  • Video looping works for both stream recordings and uploaded videos.

  • Up to 40 hours of a continuous stream.

  • All video loops will be streamed as 1 event.

How does video looping work?

  1. When scheduling an event with a video file, choose the number of video loops (1 - 10).

  2. Once the event is created, the loop quantity and total video duration indicator will be displayed on the event card.

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