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Screen share on your stream in Studio 2.0
Screen share on your stream in Studio 2.0

Share a browser tab, a window, or your entire screen on your stream.

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Share your screen to display live product demos, presentations, and much more.

How to share your screen

  1. Go to Restream Studio and click Add Scene.

  2. Select Media.

  3. Click Screen.

  4. Select what you'll share: a browser tab, a window, or your entire screen.

  5. Click Share.

  6. Your screen will appear in your new scene.


  • To share audio, toggle on the relevant option when setting up your screen share.

    • On Windows, sharing audio is available for the entire screen or browser tab.

    • On Mac, sharing audio is available for browser tabs only.

  • To share windows like PowerPoint presentations or Games, you'll need to set them in "Full Window" or “Windowed mode”. Avoid full-screen mode, as it may prevent the window from showing up as a shareable option on your browser.

  • The resolution and ratio of your shared screen should match the values of your stream settings. For example, in a 1080p stream, you should share a 1080p screen.


Can I screen share on my phone?

Screen sharing is only possible on desktop browsers, not mobile ones. To share your screen on a mobile device, you can pair Restream with a mobile streaming encoder.

Can guests share their own screens?

Of course. You can learn more about what your guests can do in Studio here.

💡 Use a built-in feature for your slides without the hassle of screen sharing

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