Facebook Groups API changes

Learn about the updates that Meta brought to their Groups API.

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Meta has shut down the Facebook Groups API, which is the integration that third-party platforms like Restream used to post in groups. Here are some practical alternatives.

What happened?

  • Meta announced the deprecation of the Groups API.

  • Facebook removed third-party apps in Groups on April 22, 2024.

  • Streaming to Facebook pages and profiles is not changing.

What can you do?

Restream is committed to ensuring a smooth streaming experience on Facebook and other platforms. Here are some options for different use cases:

1. Streaming manually

You can still stream to Facebook Groups using a stream key from Facebook Live Producer or manually connect to an event in your group.

Note that Restream Chat and Analytics won't work for manual connections, but you can monitor your viewers' comments directly in your group.

Ensure the "Live videos" option is enabled in your Facebook Group settings.

2. Link sharing

If you're multistreaming, you can cross-post your content in your Facebook Group.

For example, if you stream to your Facebook page, you can share the stream in your group by copying and pasting the link into a group post.

3. Private streams

If you use groups for private viewing, you can create an unlisted YouTube event.

Unlisted events won't appear in search results - only people with the direct link can access them. Share the link with your group members.

4. Explore other channels

If you're looking for more options, you can expand your reach by streaming to more destinations. Restream supports over 30 platforms, including YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, Instagram, X, and more.

💡 You can still connect and stream to other Facebook channels, like your Page

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