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Read incoming chat messages

Learn how to view comments from your audience.

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Restream Chat gathers all of your viewers' comments in one place, no matter how many platforms you're streaming to.

How to read incoming chat messages

  1. First, access Restream Chat. You can learn how to do so here.

  2. Start streaming.

  3. Comments from your audience across all platforms will appear in the chat window.


  • The ability to read comments in Restream Chat varies across different channels. Check this page under your chat settings for a list of supported platforms.

  • Restream Chat will receive messages from your channels only when you are live and streaming with Restream.

  • For Facebook personal profiles, your stream must be Public for Restream to receive the comments. You can learn more here.

  • For X streams, the chat gathers comments left on the broadcast, not tweet replies.


Why do I receive chat messages for some platforms even when I'm not live?

Some streaming platforms, like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, have a chat only for active streams and events. Others, like Twitch or Kick, have a chat that is constantly available and running under your channel.

The latter will always be connected to Restream Chat and that is why you may be seeing comments from chatters even while you're offline.

Can I read comments from a Custom RTMP channel?

Chat is an API-dependent feature, which means that it is based on an integration between Restream and the end platform to receive comments.

For that reason, it cannot work with Custom RTMP channels. However, you can read chats on the end platform of your custom channel directly.

💡 Engage with your audience and respond to comments directly from Restream.

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