Read & Reply With Restream Chat

Follow this guide to learn how to read and reply with Restream's Multichat.

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One of the most requested features for the chat is here! We are really proud to present our Read & Reply functionality. It does not matter which device you use Restream Chat on, you can always reply and see the incoming messages all in one place! So, let's take a look at what it is and how to use it.

How can I access Restream Chat? 💬

Restream Studio

Restream Chat can be located on the right-hand side of your Restream Studio, under the "Chat" tab. This ensures that your chat is accessible inside the very Studio you stream from, saving you the trouble of switching between different tabs on your browser.

💡 Need to refresh the Studio but don't want to lose chat messages? No worries! The Studio will automatically restore the last 100 chat messages for each session.

Restream Chat Studio


When you stream through an encoder, like OBS, or airing a pre-recorded video as a scheduled event, Restream Chat can be located on the right-hand side of your Encoder page on the Restream Dashboard as well as in the preview on your home page.

Restream Chat Encoder

Browser Page

If you want to keep Restream Chat accessible on a separate dedicated tab on your browser, you can do so by accessing this link.

Desktop Application

Restream Chat also offers a desktop application that you can download and install on your PC or laptop to use as an application window. You can download it for Windows, Mac, or Linux here.

Restream Chat Interface

Read 👓

Upon accessing Restream Chat in your preferred method, you can see your own Restream Chat interface. All the incoming messages across your connected and enabled channels will be displayed here.

Restream Chat Comments

Reply ✍️

You will also be able to send a message to all your channels at the same time or to a specific channel only by choosing from the list of enabled channels at the bottom left corner and typing the text in the relevant field. To send a message to all channels, select "Restream". Upon sending the message, you will see a green check next to the logo of the platform it was delivered to.

Restream Chat Reply

Pinned Messages in Restream Studio 📌

Our newest chat function is the ability to pin messages! Is your chat getting crowded and you're looking for a way to sort through the important comments that you want to address? We now have the way. Simply hover over the message you want to pin and click on the star icon ⭐️. All pinned messages will be available in a separate list for you to navigate to and review. When you no longer need one of your pinned messages, hover over it and click the star icon again to remove it from the pinned list. This functionality is currently available in Restream Studio Chat only.

Tip: There is a limit of 50 pinned messages. If a 51st pinned message is added, the oldest one will be removed.

Restream Studio Chat Pinned Messages

Note: Some platforms may not have chat support or may accommodate specific functions like read-only (like Facebook groups do in this example) based on their permissions. To see a relevant list of supported platforms and features, check this list under your chat settings.

Please note that API-dependent features, such as Chat, will not work for Custom RTMP channels.

Supported Platforms in Restream Chat

You can always see the status of connected services in your status bar. Keep in mind that some services like Facebook, in this example, require your stream to be live for a chat to be able to connect and receive messages. The same applies to most event-based services.

Restream Chat Connected Channels

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