Reply commands in Restream chat is the first step to getting a full-functioning command bot in the future versions of chat. In its current state, it allows any streamer to have a set of premade replies. Those can be easily accessed by typing "!command" inside their chat application to send a premade message across all platforms. Those messages can also be sent automatically after a certain time for each message.
To set up Reply Commands go to chat Settings - Reply commands - Create.

Select a command, by typing which you will send a predefined message in the first field, then set the message text to the second field.

If you want to force chat to send the command every few minutes make sure to switch "Repeat with timer" option and select the desired interval in minutes in the range from 5 to 60.

After finishing setup, close settings window and refresh chat window with Ctrl+R hotkey on Windows or Cmd+R on Mac to pull changes from settings. Enter your trigger word, starting with an exclamation mark.

You will see the message delivered to all platforms which allow reply in this given moment.

Note #1: In current state reply commands can be executed only by the streamer. They can't be used for answering viever commands. This will be changed in upcoming chat updates.
Note #2: To have chat timers working, they have to be activated on each chat start in the current implementation. This can be done in the popup which you will see on chat launch if you have any commands with timer. This will be changed in upcoming chat updates.


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