Important: Streaming to Facebook groups is unlocked with any paid plan.

You need to be the admin/owner of the group to be able to stream to it!

How to go live to Facebook Group?

  1. Connect Facebook to Restream following this instruction.

  2. Have a paid plan but the group isn't appearing to select for the Facebook channel? Likely the permissions are not set appropriately. Removing and re-adding the Facebook channel should fix that.

Here is an instruction:

Try removing your Facebook channel from the Restream dashboard. Make sure to clear all permissions by enabling this option:


If you remove your Facebook without this option, you need to manually remove Restream connections at these pages:

​After you clear all Restream permissions and applications at your Facebook, try adding Facebook to Restream once again, granting all permissions as shown in this article. Please make sure you've actually allowed access to specific pages/groups you would like to stream to.

Important: If a group specifically is not appearing in the list and the correct permissions were provided, please make sure that the owner of the group is your personal account and not a page you manage. If the group admin is actually a public page, then Restream won't be given access to that group. You will need to change ownership to your personal account instead, then the group should appear in the list for streaming.

Add Restream app to the Facebook Group

Please open settings page of your Facebook group. Please scroll down to Advanced settings and press "add Apps".

You will then see a search box. Search for "Restream" and press on the Restream icon to add it.

Add your personal account as an admin to Facebook Group.

Log into your Facebook Group, press Activity log - Admin and moderators and add yourself as an admin of the group.

You can now stream to the Facebook group!

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