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Stream to an existing Facebook Event
Stream to an existing Facebook Event

Learn how to stream to an existing Facebook event via a Custom RTMP channel.

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Restream Events makes scheduled streams easy, but if you've already created an event on Facebook directly, we can help you connect to it.

How to connect a Facebook Event to Restream

  1. Go to your event page on Facebook and click Set up live video.

  2. Under Select a video source, click Streaming software.

  3. Enable "Go live automatically at scheduled start time" on the left-side menu.

  4. Copy the unique stream key for your event.

  5. From your Restream home screen, click the Destinations button.

  6. Click Add Channels and select Custom RTMP.

  7. Paste the key you copied from Facebook into the stream key field.

  8. Copy and paste rtmps:// as your RTMP URL.

  9. Click Add Channel, and your event will be saved as a streaming destination.

  10. When you start streaming from Restream, your event will go live on Facebook.


  • You need a paid Restream plan to stream on Custom RTMP channels.

  • API-dependent features like Restream Chat and Analytics will not work for manually connected Facebook Events. Try using Restream Events for future streams.

  • If you disable "Go live automatically at scheduled start time", you'll need to click "Go live now" on your Facebook event after you start streaming from Restream.


What does "Set your title directly on the streaming platform" mean?

Existing Facebook events do not support setting titles via Restream, as they are connected manually.

You can update your title on Facebook directly under the event you created.

Can I create Facebook Events with Restream?

Yes, you can use Restream Events to schedule and manage Facebook events on your profile and pages directly through Restream.

When using our integration, you'll also get additional exciting features, like chat support and stream analytics.

Note that for groups, you need to create your events on Facebook directly.

💡 Schedule recorded videos to go live on your Facebook channels hassle-free.

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