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Host parallel streams with Concurrent Events
Host parallel streams with Concurrent Events

Learn how to run multiple streams at once from the same account.

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Reach your widest audience with Concurrent Events. Stream different live videos on the same date and time from one account on channels like YouTube and LinkedIn.

How to run Concurrent Events

  1. Schedule a Restream Event.

  2. Schedule any additional events for an overlapping day and time.

  3. Start streaming at the scheduled time; you'll broadcast to all events at once.

  4. Once started, the ongoing events will be grouped on the home screen.

  5. Click View Stream to see the live video preview, monitor stream health, and engage with the live chat.

    If an instant (not scheduled) stream is live simultaneously, it will appear on your home screen next to your other events.


  • Parallel streams are available for custom Enterprise plans only. For more details, please contact our Sales team.

  • Not all platforms support parallel streams; check with your destinations.

    • Perfect for concurrent events: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, X.

    • Do not support concurrent events: Twitch, Instagram, TikTok.

    • You can still stream parallel events on YouTube and Twitch, for example.
      But you can't host two Twitch or Instagram streams on the same day/time.

  • You will get an event-specific embed chat link.

    The general embed chat link will not work with concurrent events; it stops receiving chats during multiple streams.


How can I manage parallel streams on the desktop Chat app?

Each stream has its own chat view. You can choose the desired event by clicking on the dropdown menu in the bottom left corner of the Chat app.

How do parallel streams work with the website player?

If you've enabled the "Allow events" option in your website player settings, your viewers will see the option to switch between different events and watch the one they prefer at the bottom right corner of your player.

Do concurrent events support analytics?

Yes, analytics will be generated for each event.

Is the backup stream feature supported too?

Yes. Backup stream data will show up under each event’s RTMP settings as usual.

Does the Discord integration work with concurrent events?

Our Discord integration will not work with concurrent events. It will be automatically turned off once concurrent streaming starts.

💡 It's easier to run concurrent events with your team

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