Restream Concurrent Events

Easily run multiple live events at the same time. Learn how to use concurrent events.

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Discover the power of hosting multiple events simultaneously with Restream’s Concurrent Events feature. This innovative tool allows you to start multiple live videos at once from the same Restream account.

Amplify your content, reach diverse audiences, and work more efficiently as a team.

Requirements and feature specifications

  • Concurrent events are available for custom Enterprise plans. For more details, please contact our Sales team.

How do concurrent events work?

  1. Start by creating your first Restream event.

  2. Schedule your second event for the exact same date and time.

  3. Enter Restream Studio or start your streaming software like OBS when it’s time to go live; both events will stream to your selected channels simultaneously.

    💡Pro tip: It’s easier to run concurrent events with your team, so invite your co-producers.

  4. Once started, your events in progress will be grouped on the Home screen.

  5. If there is more than one event streaming, you can press the View Stream button to open the stream preview. You can see the live video feed, stream health monitor and even send messages in the live chat.

  6. If an instant (not scheduled) stream is live simultaneously, it will appear as an event on your Home screen and have a default stream title.

    💡 Pro tip: stream live and pre-recorded events at the same time, allowing your audience to choose which one to join. No co-producers are required.

Heads up: limitations to consider

  • Not all social platforms support concurrent streams. For example:
    Perfect for concurrent events
    Facebook (profiles, groups, pages)
    X (Formerly Twitter)
    Do not support concurrent events
    🚫 Twitch

  • Discord integration doesn’t support concurrent events. The discord connection will be turned off once concurrent streaming starts.

  • The general embed chat link will not work for concurrent events. In case there are several events at the same time, the embedded chat will stop receiving messages.

    💡 But the Embed chat link can be copied for a specific event. A separate link will be generated for a chosen event. Messages for this event only will be broadcast to this embedded chat.

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