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Stream a scheduled event with your encoder
Stream a scheduled event with your encoder

Learn how to go live to a Restream Event using your encoder and RTMP settings.

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Restream Events are fully compatible with all your favorite streaming encoders.

How to stream to RTMP Events

  1. Create a Restream Event for Encoder streaming.

  2. Locate the event on your home screen or Events page and click RTMP Settings.

  3. Copy the URL and stream key and paste them into your streaming software.

  4. Start streaming from your encoder, and the event will go live on your channels.


  • Streaming to Events is available for all plans, including the free tier.

  • The key is unique for each event; you must update it in your encoder each time.

  • You can only go live to an event once; so don't start streaming before the scheduled time. If you want to run tests, you can follow this guide.

  • Make sure you set up your encoder in line with your channels' guidelines.


Can I switch to Encoder from Studio after creating the event?

Yes, just click the downward pointing arrow under the event menu and click switch.

I started streaming but a new live was created, why didn't it go to my event?

Each event is unique so you must update the event's specific stream key in your encoder. If you don't update your key to match the event you want to stream, you will end up creating a brand new stream outside of your event.

Can I also embed my chat in my encoder?

Yes. Click the three dots on your event card and select Embed Chat.

💡 Pairs lets you stream encoder events to your collaborators' channels

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