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Edit Stream Title and Description
Edit Stream Title and Description

Follow this guide and learn how to easily update the titles, descriptions, and details of your connected channels.

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Restream's channel editing feature allows you to easily update the Title, Description, and Content Type of certain supported platforms.

You can update all your channels at once or single channels individually.

Update channel details on the Home Screen

  1. Go to your home screen and click Edit Destinations.

  2. Click Edit next to the channel you want to update and insert your preferred details.

  3. Click Save.

Update channel details in Restream Studio

  1. At the top of Restream Studio, click Edit under your existing title.

  2. Insert your preferred details.

  3. Click Next to apply the updates to all of your channels.

    You can also update one channel individually by clicking on your channel's thumbnails and clicking Edit next to the channel of your choice. Make your changes and click Save to confirm.

Update channel details for Encoders

  1. Go to your home screen and click Connect to OBS, Zoom...

  2. To update all titles, click on Update Titles. To update one channel individually, click the three dots next to the channel and then Edit Settings.

Note: Some channels do not support the ability to set up titles from Restream. In that case, a message that says "Title setup isn't supported for the platform" will appear.

This is not an error but just a reminder that the channel will not display a title or description the way our supported platforms do. The stream will still go through normally, however, despite the message.

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