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Record your stream without going live
Record your stream without going live

Record your next podcast, interview, or song without ever going live!

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Restream's Record Only feature is a great tool for testing and rehearsing before going live, or creating audio/video content that can be edited and repurposed later!

You will need a paid Restream plan to access the Record Only feature.

How do I record without going live?

  1. Go to your Restream dashboard and click Record Video & Audio.

  2. Enter the Record Only Studio and click Start Recording whenever you're ready to begin.

  3. Click End Recording when you're finished.

How do I invite guests to join my recording?

  1. While in your Record Only Studio, click the icon of a person which is located under the preview screen.

  2. A link will appear that you can copy and give to your guests.

The Guest feature works the same in both Record Only and the live Studio!

You can have up to 9 guests join your Record Only session. We have more details about Restream Guests here:

How do I download my recording?

  1. Once you stop recording, click Recordings.

  2. Click Download Recording.

  3. Select the file type you want to download, and it will begin automatically.

  • You can choose between full audio or full video. If you're on a Professional plan or higher, you'll have access to download split audio and video.

  • You can also download past recordings from your Video Storage.

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