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Stream from your iPad or tablet
Stream from your iPad or tablet

Learn how to go live with a tablet using iOS or Android.

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You don't necessarily need a desktop to stream - give your iPad or tablet a try.

How to go live using Restream Studio

  1. Log in from your tablet's browser to your Restream account.

  2. Set up the Scenes you plan to use during your stream.

  3. Toggle on the channels where you want to broadcast your stream.

  4. Turn on your camera and microphone.

  5. Click the Go Live button as you would on a desktop.

How to go live using a mobile streaming app

If you're looking for a more advanced setup, there are mobile streaming apps for iPad and Android devices that can help. Restream supports any encoder that connects through RTMP, so just choose the one that works best for you.

Some options include Larix Broadcaster, Streamlabs Mobile, and more.

Install the one you prefer, set it up, and then connect it to Restream, as shown here.


  • If you're streaming from an Android device, use Google Chrome. For iOS users, use Safari.

  • Screen sharing is not supported for Studio on a mobile browser but you can mirror the screen of your tablet in Studio on a desktop. You can learn more here.

  • For the best possible performance:

    • Use a tablet that has been upgraded within the last 5 years.

    • Ensure your device is fully charged and background apps are closed for the best possible performance.

    • A dedicated WiFi connection works best for mobile streaming.

💡 Looking for an even more portable setup? Try streaming from your phone.

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