The Events tool of Restream is a great and easy way to create an event on multiple platforms simultaneously. However, if you have an existing YouTube event that you wish to connect to, then this guide is for you!

There are two ways to do this:

Selecting your event by editing your YouTube destination

1. Add a YouTube channel first for your account following this guide.

2. Go to Restream Dashboard and press the Edit destinations button.

Restream Edit Destinations

5. Press Edit beside YouTube.

Restream Edit YouTube

6. From the drop-down menu choose your event and press Save.

YouTube Event Dropdown Restream

You are now ready to stream to your custom YouTube Event using Restream!

Add a new destination with your selected event

You now have the option to directly connect to your specific event when adding your YouTube destination. When setting up, you can either connect your channel entirely or a specific event as shown below.

Add YouTube to Restream
Choose a YouTube Event

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