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Selecting Your Streaming Software
Selecting Your Streaming Software
If you want to stream live, you'll need good streaming software. OBS, XSplit, or vMix? We will help you choose the best one for you!
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These steps can take some time, but you will only have to set them up once. Stick with us and you will love the results! We are going to set up your live streaming software with a "Basic Setup" that will work with most platforms.

To start, you will need to pick the best software for your needs. There are a few options that we recommend:

OBS Studio

Free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming.


  • Works on Windows, macOS, and Linux

  • Free and open source

  • Multi-purpose software


A reliable, desktop streaming app built for professional streamers.Β 


  • Prebuilt overlays

  • Donation, follower, and subscriber alerts

  • Free to use


Live streaming and recording software that power countless live streams.


  • Advanced stream control

  • Support backing

  • Built-in engagement tools


The award-winning video production software.


  • Unlimited sources

  • Conferences and remote production

  • Replay, scoreboards, and timers


Create professional-quality productions on your own computer at a fraction of the cost.


  • Advanced stream control

  • Support backing

  • Built-in engagement tools

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