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How to join a team

Accept your co-host or admin invite and start using your team's account.

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Manage streams and co-host live videos together with your teammates.

How to join a team

  1. Open the Team invite link that was sent to you.

  2. If you don't have a Restream account yet, you'll be prompted to create one.

  3. You'll be directed to the home screen, where you'll receive confirmation that you've successfully joined the team.

How to access a team account

  1. From your home screen, open the Teams menu in the top right corner.

  2. Click Switch account and select the team account you want to switch to.

  3. Once switched over, you can access the owners’ account and see their events, enter the Studio, etc.


  • It is free for teammates to join teams.

  • You can be part of an unlimited number of teams.

  • You can switch between the teams you've joined and your personal account at any time.


What do I have access to?

It depends on whether you were given an Admin or Co-host role.

Co-hosts can:

  • Start/end broadcasts

  • Upload and manage graphics

  • Add and remove Studio sources and scenes

  • Switch layouts in Studio

  • Toggle channels on or off

  • Reply in chat

  • Invite and manage guests

  • Create/manage playlists

Admins can do everything Co-hosts can do, plus:

How do I leave a team?

You can remove yourself from a team by clicking the button next to your email address on the Teams page.

Why didn't I receive my invite email?

First, check your spam folder. If the email still hasn't arrived, ask the team owner to generate a new email. Or, ask them to copy the invite link and send it via Slack or another messenger.

Why does it show the account owner’s email in the side panel and not mine?

You assume the role of another user when switching to their team, so it is expected to see their email and not yours. You can switch back to your personal Restream account at any time.

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